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Sharing some skills of CNC lathe operation

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Drilling techniques

1. Drill first and then flat end (this is to prevent shrinkage when drilling);

2. Rough turning first, then fine turning (this is to ensure the accuracy of the parts);

3. The first processing large tolerance and then processing small tolerance (this is to ensure that the surface of the small tolerance size is not scratched and to prevent the deformation of the parts).

Drilling process

According to the hardness of the material, choose a reasonable speed, feed and depth of cut:

1. The carbon steel material chooses high speed, high feed rate and large cutting depth. Such as: 1Gr11, select S1600, F0.2, and cut depth 2mm;

2. Low speed, low feed rate and small cutting depth are selected for cemented carbide. Such as: GH4033, select S800, F0.08, and cut depth 0.5mm;

3. Choose low speed, high feed rate and small cutting depth for titanium alloy. Such as: Ti6, select S400, F0.2, and cut depth 0.3mm. Take the processing of a certain part as an example: the material is K414, which is an extra-hard material. After many tests, the final selection is S360, F0.1, and the depth of cut 0.2 before processing qualified parts.

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