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How to determine the tool setting point?

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How to determine the tool setting point? 

What is the relationship between the workpiece coordinate and the programming coordinate?

1. The tool setting point can be set on the part to be machined, but note that the tool setting point must be a reference position or a part that has been finished. Sometimes the tool setting point is destroyed by cnc processing after the first process, which will cause the second processing impossible to find the tool setting point. Therefore, when setting the tool in the first process, pay attention to setting up a relative tool setting position where there is a relatively fixed dimensional relationship with the positioning datum. This can be based on the relative position relationship between them. Retrieve the original knife point. This relative tool setting position is usually set on the machine table or fixture. The selection principles are as follows:

1) Easy to align.

2) Easy to program.

3) Minimum tool setting error.

4) Convenient and checkable inspection during processing.

2. The origin position of the workpiece coordinate system is set by the operator. It is determined by tool setting after the workpiece is clamped. It reflects the distance position relationship between the workpiece and the machine zero point. Once the workpiece coordinate system is fixed, it is generally not changed. The workpiece coordinate system and the programming coordinate system must be unified, that is, the workpiece coordinate system and the programming coordinate system are consistent during processing.

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