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The skills and precautions of aluminum sheet cnc processing

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In today's technological innovation of mechanical processing, more and more precision parts appear in front of us. the most difficult to overcome in precision machining is small and thin. So today we will talk about the problems and skills of aluminum sheet cnc machining.

The common aluminum sheet is generally less than 10mm and the area is relatively large. At this time, it is easy to deform during the processing, which will cause the size of the aluminum sheet after CNC processing to fail to meet the drawing requirements, which will affect the customer's assembly and use. If the processing technology is correct, it can completely solve the problem of aluminum sheet cnc machining.

Before aluminum sheet cnc processing, you should first consider buying T651 aluminum sheet, because the material of T651 generally has undergone aging heat treatment, and secondly, you should make it clear to the supplier that you need to buy T651 super flat plate. In the process of supplier blanking, The deformation during blanking should be prevented, otherwise, once the blanking is deformed, it will definitely affect the CNC processing of the aluminum sheet.

Depending on the accuracy of the parts, you can consider aging treatment again before processing, because small plates are easier to aging treatment. During the processing, suction cups are used for processing, and a combination of roughing and finishing is used to treat the aluminum sheet For machining, the order of the machining process should be considered. The parts with large cutting volume are processed first, and small cutting volume second,  large tolerances are processed first, then with small tolerances . Carry out secondary aging heat treatment to prevent deformation after processing in subsequent processes.

SWKD Precision Industry has focused on aluminum sheet cnc machiningfor many years. It has rich industry experience in controlling the deformation of aluminum sheet and ensuring dimensional accuracy, which can ensure the accuracy of products and meet customer drawing requirements.


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