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How to clamp high-precision CNC lathe processing to ensure turning accuracy

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For those engaged in the machining industry, there are ordinary machining, that is, turning and milling with low precision. Most machining companies are engaged in ordinary machining. While cnc lathe processing also have high precision machining. So, how to control the precision of parts in high-precision CNC lathe processing?

SWKD has been engaged in high-precision CNC lathe processing services for many years, and has rich experience in high-precision CNC lathe processing.  We will share the experience of high-precision CNC lathe processing from the following aspects:

First, we must analyze the structure of the part, whether turning the outer diameter or the inner hole for parts with a special structure, we should start from the perspective of the deformation of the part. rough machining first, finishing maching next.  How to eliminate the stress release caused part deformation, etc.;

Second, consider the clamping method of the parts. When high-precision CNC lathes are used for clamping, the concentricity of the parts must be ensured. If necessary, need dia indicator to meet the requirements and ensure the product tolerance after processing. In the clamping process, the deformation caused by the influence of external force during the machining process should also be considered. Therefore, the high-precision CNC lathe machining and clamping must be secure to prevent the force from being affected during the machining process.

Third. during the processing, the parameter feed of equipment processing should also be set according to the processing accuracy. Generally speaking, the margin left for finishing after roughing should be as small as possible. Because the turning amount is too large and the deformation caused by the accuracy impact, in order to avoid the impact caused by the excessive turning force, the feed during the finishing process should not be too large. The feed amount is determined according to different materials and deformations. And, the speed of the lathe also needs to be determined according to the actual processing conditions.

Basically speaking, if the above three points are achieved, the precision of high-precision CNC lathe processing and product quality can be guaranteed. If you have any complicated high-precision CNC lathe processing parts, just call SWKD to provide you with the best solutions.


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