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Requirements for military parts processing

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Under the background of military-civilian integration, more and more private enterprises have begun to process military parts and components. Enterprises engaged in  military parts processing generally have two voices. One is that military parts are too difficult to satisfy.  The others think military parts are an opportunity. It can be a trainning to enterprises and enhance their technical strength. Second, there is relatively little competition in the industry and the future development prospects are better. Then what are the requirements in the process of military parts processing?

Firstly the material control of general  military parts is very strict. It is forbidden to purchase unverified materials,  and the batch number and batch of materials need to be strictly controlled. Parts need to be numbered during the production process, and the process flow , The inspection data needs to be matched one by one.

Secondly, the requirements for the processing of  military parts are relatively higher than those civilian products. Military dimensions must be fully inspected and processed, and the detected data and reports must be one-to-one correspondence. The tolerances marked on the drawing must also be unconditionally met, regardless of whether the material is easy The processing workers and the strict tolerances must be met according to the requirements of the drawing.

Enterprises that process military parts and components should also have a variety of qualifications, such as national military standard qualifications, confidentiality qualifications, etc. The drawings and documents for internal operations must be strictly encrypted, and personnel in special positions must sign a competition agreement. All personnel processing military products are required to sign confidentiality agreements and must not disclose any military product-related information to the outside world.

Therefore, to sum up, in order to become a supplier of  military parts processing, companies should be higher than ordinary machining companies in terms of image, internal management, technical strength, and testing capabilities.

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