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What is the difference and pros and cons between cnc processing and 3D printing

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As we all know, in recent years, 3D printing technology has been used by more and more people. In the pursuit of efficiency and cost, how to choose between 3D printing and cnc processing, and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

First of all, in terms of materials, 3D printed materials cannot replace the existing raw materials processed by cnc. There are many types of raw materials processed by cnc, and the functions of various raw materials are not the same. However, 3D printed raw materials have certain limitations. This is also one of the reasons why 3D printing cannot be widely used.

Secondly, the efficiency and cost control of 3D printing are not comparable to cnc processing. The cost of cnc processing is relatively low, the processing efficiency is high, and it is suitable for mass production. 3D printing has a convenient and quick way to complete Sample processing can be put into the assembly process faster, which is also unmatched by cnc processing, because cnc processing needs to be adjusted and multi-processed, it takes longer and cannot be compared with 3D printing.

When the parts require surface treatment, 3D printed parts are not conducive to surface treatment, while cnc processed parts, the materials for surface treatment are very mature. This is also one of the reasons why 3D printing cannot be mass-produced at present. Considering the cost and practical value, CNC processing was chosen.

In the future, 3D printing will become closer to our lives, and more and more 3D printed products will be more widely used. At the same time, cnc processed products will not be eliminated, and will still be widely used. Regional, the two processes have continued to coexist.

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