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Precautions while processing of Kovar alloy

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Among the  optical communication parts, the most widely used materials are silumin, oxygen-free copper, and Kovar alloy. The properties of the three materials are different. The oxygen-free copper is the most easy material to process, silumin and Kovar processing is more difficulty, so what should we pay attention to during the processing of Kovar alloy?

First of all, let's take a look at the grades of Kovar alloy. Generally, 4J29 and 4J50 are two grades. We are habitually called Kovar alloy, which has different functions. 4J29 is used for hard glass packing, and 4J50 is used for soft High quality glass packing, Kovar alloy has strong plasticity, high hardness and high nickel content, so it is relatively difficult to process.

Since Kovar alloy is prone to sticking to the tool during processing, the tool wears too quickly during processing. When selecting a tool, you should choose a coated tool for processing and replace the tool regularly. Otherwise, the tool may break after a long time and the parts will be scrapped. It is also one of the reasons why the processing cost of Kovar alloy is high. It is recommended to use ultra-fine tungsten carbide tungsten steel, using six-blade technology, and the surface is also hardened with nano-blue coating.

The second thing is to pay attention to the heat dissipation treatment during the processing. Because Kovar alloy is also called iron-nickel-cobalt alloy, it is easy to generate large heat during processing. Controlled heat dissipation can not only improve processing efficiency, but also extend the tool life, so heat dissipation must be controlled when machining Kovar alloy.

SWKD has focused on Kovar alloy processing for many years, as well as silumin processing and oxygen-free copper processing. It has rich machining experience for  optical communication parts and is a leader in optical communication packaging parts processing.

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