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Application of grinder in precision machining

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In mechanical processing, it is generally divided into lathe processing, milling processing, and grinder processing, which is what we usually call turning, milling and grinding. With the improvement of product precision, the matching applications of these three processing divisions are more frequent. More and more products require turning, milling and grinding to meet daily precision requirements.

Grinding machine processing is generally divided into surface grinding, internal grinding, external grinding, and centerless grinding. From the original simple mechanical grinding machine to the current CNC grinding machine, the processing capacity is becoming more and more comprehensive, which provides a good supplement for precision processing. At present, the four-axis CNC grinders on the market can be used for precision machining of hard and brittle materials such as ceramics and glass. The machining accuracy can also reach within 0.001mm, which provides more options for precision machining and also helped our country become more powerful at the international technology. At present, domestic optical grinders still have to imported to meet the needs of production and processing. In today's nano-level high precision, the accuracy of grinders is unmatched by lathes and milling machines, and precision machining cannot be separated from grinders.

Precision grinder processing is mainly to solve the effective processing methods of various high-precision sizes and high-precision shapes, and it can greatly improve the processing efficiency of parts. Turning, milling and grinding are divided into roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. The precision of the parts is gradually controlled to meet the precision requirements of the drawing.

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