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How to deal with CNC precision machining products waste slag?

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Today, environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent, companies engaged in the machining industry are also facing environmental protection issues. Then, how do we deal with the waste residues of our CNC machining products?

The waste slag produced by CNC machining products is the same as the production materials, which are usually divided into five categories. The first category is aluminum slag; the second is copper slag; the third is stainless steel slag; and the fourth is Iron slag; the fifth category is non-metallic waste slag, and the processing methods of these five materials are slightly different.

In fact, the waste slag after CNC machining products also contains the raw material head and tail. Generally speaking, the head, tail and waste are treated separately. First of all, in order to save costs, the head and tail are generally choose to be used as fixtures or smaller parts, when it is really impossible to process, then treat it as waste slag.

Common aluminum slag, copper slag, iron slag and stainless steel slag are generally recycled and processed by raw material vendors. After the raw material vendors recycle the waste slag, it is returned to the furnace for forging and then processed into raw materials; non-metallic materials are not easy to handle and cannot be reused , It can only be recycled through environmentally-designated enterprises and treated environmentally friendly to avoid pollution.

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