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Titanium alloy parts processing methods and cautions

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Among the daily machining materials, the processing of titanium alloy parts can be regarded as one of the most difficult materials to process. Let's share the processing methods and precautions of titanium alloy parts.

When processing titanium alloys, many people do not understand the characteristics of titanium alloy materials, choose the wrong processing method, and the processing tools are not suitable, which ultimately leads to difficulty in processing titanium alloys, low efficiency and low quality. Titanium alloys are a kind of high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. Titanium alloys can be shaped by heat treatment and improve the stability of the structure. Therefore, when processing titanium alloy parts, you should prefer to use positive-angle geometry blades. Reduce the cutting force and prevent the deformation of the workpiece due to the heat generated by the cutting. In terms of feed, attention should be paid to control the feed speed and maintain a constant feed parameter. The radial tool penetration during milling should be 30% of the radius, and high pressure Large flow of cutting fluid to ensure the thermal stability of the machining process, prevent surface degeneration and tool damage due to excessive temperature, and process in the softest state of the titanium alloy as much as possible, because the material becomes more difficult to process after hardening, heat treatment Improve the strength of the material and increase the wear of the blade. Use a large tip arc radius or chamfer to cut in, and put as much blade as possible into the cutting. This can reduce the cutting force and heat at every point and prevent local damage.

Attention should also be paid to chip breaking during processing. Generally, when processing titanium alloy parts, slag entanglement will cause the parts to be scrapped, damage the machine, and cause processing safety accidents.

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