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Cost analysis of precision machining industry

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According to the current development of the precision machining industry, there is a polarization. From the perspective of the client, the requirements for enterprises in this industry are getting higher and higher, so does the complexity and precision of parts; From the perspective of companies, the sharp rise in costs and the contrast between market prices have led to difficulties in the development of enterprises. So what are the costs of the precision machining industry?

At present, companies engaged in precision machining in the south of China are first faced with the increase in the rental cost of industrial plants. Starting in 2017, the rental cost of industrial plants has risen sharply and doubled, accounting for 15% of the current cost of precision machining enterprises; Secondly, with the improvement of laws and regulations, labor costs also increase. Labor disputes are the red line that companies dare not touch; the investment in fire safety and management is also One of the currently increasing costs; equipment depreciation, the disappearance of bonuses after aging of equipment, and the disappearance of labor cost bonuses, and the constantly updated equipment investment makes the precision machining industry more and more difficult.

The output and quotation of equipment input will never match the market. This is also one of the reasons for the increase in the cost. The competition in the precision machining industry is also increasing, and the demand for talents is also one of the reasons for the increase in costs. , At present, the salary of outstanding technical personnel basically starts at five figures, otherwise it will be difficult to recruit outstanding technical personnel and cannot meet the technical needs.

The market’s payment cycle is prolonged and acceptances are increasing, leading to a break in the corporate capital chain and have to solve the problem through financing loans. This has further led to difficulties in the precision machining industry and business operations, large equipment asset investment and low output. Slow payment seems to be a normal phenomenon in the precision machining industry.

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