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The difference between passivation and anti-rust oil for stainless steel materials

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People often ask whether stainless steel will rust. The answer is that stainless steel will corrode and rust in a specific environment. The ways to prevent stainless steel from rusting are passivation and anti-rust oil. Then what is the difference the two options?

The reason for the rust of stainless steel is that the thin chromium-rich oxide film on the surface can provide protection, but our daily complicated processing technology will destroy this protective layer to a large extent and leave iron power on the surface of the product, or free iron ions, and iron ions are one of the important reasons for rapid rusting. Also because of the harsh environment in which the parts are used, stainless steel is more likely to rust. For this, stainless steel generally need rust-proof Treatment; passivation is to use the oxidizing substances in the passivation solution to produce redox reactions with the metal to promote the formation of a very thin passivation film on the metal surface to protect the surface of the stainless steel from corrosion. This process is a chemical process. The passivation film produced by the reaction is dense, and the integrity is not easy to be destroyed.

The anti-rust oil uses an oil film to close the pores on the metal surface to isolate the contact with oxygen, thereby effectively preventing stainless steel from rusting. It is a veritable physical reaction. The oil film is easier to be removed as the production progresses. And damage, resulting in failure of rust prevention.

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