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Practical CAD operation skills 1

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1 [Solution when Ctrl+N is invalid]

It is well known that CTRL+N is a new command, but sometimes CTRL+N will appear a selection panel, then just go to the OP option to adjust the setting.

Operation: OP (option)-system-there is a startup on the right (A shows the startup dialog box and B does not display the startup dialog box). If you select A, the new command is valid, otherwise it is invalid

2【Solution to invalid Ctrl key】

Sometimes we will encounter such a problem, such as CTRL+C (copy), CTRL+V (paste), CTRL+A (select all) and a series of commands related to the CTRL key will be invalid, then you only need to go to the OP option Tune in

Operation: OP (option)-user system configuration-WINDOWS standard accelerator key (tick), after the standard accelerator key is ticked, the commands related to the CTRL key are valid, otherwise it fails.

3【Solution when the filling is invalid】

Sometimes it will not be filled out when filling, in addition to the system variables need to be considered, you also need to check in the OP option, OP-display-application entity filling (tick).

4【Solution when the additional selection is invalid】

The correct setting should be able to select multiple objects continuously, but sometimes, the continuous selection of objects will be invalid, and only the last selected object can be selected. In this case, the following can be solved:

Enter OP (option)-select-SHIFT key to add to the selection set (remove the tick), use the SHIFT key to add to the selection set "remove the tick", the addition will be valid, otherwise the addition will be invalid;

Command: PICKADD Value: 0/1.

5【CAD command three-key restore】

If the system variables in CAD are changed unintentionally, or some parameters are adjusted deliberately, there is no need to reinstall or change them one by one.

Operation: OP option-configuration-reset, you can restore it. But after recovery, some options still need some adjustments, such as the size of the cross cursor.

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